There are the big shows, and then there are the underdog shows like this that aren’t created to attract every single truck from an entire region. Ronnie “Speedy” Baudoin, organizer of B2B, was looking to bring a family-based, all-encompassing car and bike show to his community, and this one-day event was the outcome.

And just like his show, Speedy isn’t the biggest guy around, but his heart and drive is comparable to none when it comes to his passion of minitrucks. Supporters from Louisiana and Texas swarmed to the intimate event. Proceeds from the show were donated to local charities, and the next installment of Back 2 Basics is already deep in the planning stage, so stay informed on how you can be a part of the action next year.

The Lowdown
Back 2 Basics

Lafayette, LA

Feb 2, 2013

Amazing Storage, Cajun Bail Bonds, Pull-A-Part, Air Art, Auto Focus by Jeff Eatley