Back to back MT Show of the Year winner, Showfest, once again put its figurative title belt on the line, and came out swinging. With a roster of seasoned stars in the field, along with a string of upcoming builds, and a few debuting sluggers, the better part of the weekend was spent tracking them all down to get a closer peek.

Now, there's no point in trying to resell you on this show. By now, you've seen the magazine coverage of previous years and you've seen your friends post about it Facebook. But if you haven't personally experienced this show and the quality rides it attracts—you're just going to have to take everyone else's word for it. Showfest is just as good as we say (if not better), and it's much more fun that the photos look (really, it is). This isn't an attempt to brainwash you in any way, it's just the facts.

So will Showfest pull off the elusive "threepeat" in 2013? Only time will tell. There are plenty more events left to hit, and trucks that have yet to be completed. Until voting time, do your best to hit the road and get some shows under your belt. Life's too short for your face to be glued to the TV. Do your part. Support the people who organize local and full-scale shows like this. Without them, we'd all be chained to the keyboard wishing there was somewhere to cruise to.

The Lowdown

Sam's Town Gambling Hall, Tunica, MS

April 18-19, 2013

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