"Not many people know how to party like the Freaks," says one minitrucker walking through the 8th annual Summer Showdown located at North Peach Park right in the center of historic Byron, Georgia. A change of location sparked a rejuvenated attendance with over 250 vehicles making their way into the spacious park, breaking all previous numbers even with the temperature hitting the triple-digits.

Minis traveling as far as three states away showed their support and dedication. "This is one show I will never miss," EJ Gordon tells us after driving thirteen hours from South Florida.

Freaks of Nature President Jason Barnes wishes to thank everyone who participated this year, sponsors, vendors, and the dedicated minitruckers for coming out. The club also would like to thanks those who made donations to the dog food drive for endangered and neglected pups in the area.

The Lowdown
Summer Showdown

North Peach Park, Byron, GA

July 7-8, 2012

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