Drop Em Wear has pulled off another successful one-day event—their first fourth, annual event (yeah, you read that right) held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. John and Jen Beebe decided to continue what they did the first year of the show and hold a fun filled daylong show that's fit for all ages.

This Saturday shindig delivered a field of awesome rides to examine, hotdog and hot wing eating contests for dudes with bottomless guts, and a ton of Hooters girls walking around for the rest of the dudes. As the day came to an end, that's when one of the biggest giveaways took place. Companies such as Accuair, Graphic Disorder, Downtime Designs, and others had some awesome goods to dish out.

The Lowdown

Drop Em Wear's First Fourth Annual Car Show

The Paint Shop Winston-Salem, NC

October 15, 2011

Waylayed, Graphic Disorder, Why Wear, Little Shop of Horrors, Get Bored, Specktacular Graphics, Allen's Dairy Treats, Accuair, Kinetik, Michigan Metal Works, Hooters.