Taking place in Jennings, Louisiana, is Last Resort—a last hurrah to enjoy a show before the weather turns to crap. The cool thing about this show is the laid back, open location at the Louisiana Oil and Gas Park, but what's really awesome is the ability to pitch a tent (not that kind, pervs) and crash for the weekend—now that's some Southern Hospitality for you.

There's always something to keep you occupied at this event, too. You can stuff your face full of pizza, check out some sweet rides, listen to some awesome live band and DJ, and just chill with your buds. And if your ride is good enough to contend, the killer custom trophies are enough to make the runners-up jealous as hell. This fall, make it a point to at least look into hitting this show. Stuart Daigle, the big cheese behind Last Resort, will personally guarantee that your weekend will be the best you've ever had!

The Lowdown

Last Resort

Louisiana Oil and Gas Park, Jennings, LA

October 21-23, 2011

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