Part car show, part open house—that's what Metal Worx's At The Shop event brings to the people. With roughly 200 rides on display and the doors to the shop wide open, the 2,800 spectators who came out all had an up close look at the Metal Worx projects currently in progress.

In the span of a single morning and afternoon, the Metal Worx facility was overrun with returning customers and others who just wanted to show off their own fabrication. And in the spirit of celebrating creativity in metal, custom cut and painted top 50 awards, as well as kooky best of awards were given to deserving builders.

Come out next year to show off your truck, study what others are doing with theirs, or get some professional pointers from the Metal Worx staff in person.

The Lowdown

At The Shop III

Hope Mills, North Carolina

March 24th, 2012

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