The last show I visited in South Carolina was The Gathering back in April of last year. It was a damn good show, especially because of its intimate, small-town feel. I returned a few months later in July to hit up SESD, which takes place in the same exact location, Anderson Motor Speedway—a fine spot for a minitruck show.

Just as I remembered it, those who come out to shows in this area are some of the most genuine, friendly folks I've been lucky enough to meet. It sucks the show takes place in what seems to be the tightest notch in the Bible Belt. Plan to get your booze way ahead of the estimated time of consumption, because the liquor stores close early, and don't even think of wetting your whistle last minute on a Sunday afternoon. Luckily, Southeastern minitruckers are hip to this game though.

The Speedway was nearly filled up by noon, and the weather climbed higher by the minute. Funny thing about shows in hot climates is that after a certain point of continuously sweating, the need to hit the urinal seems to lessen no matter how many gallons of fluids are ingested. It's easy, breezy drinking weather. And with that last fun fact, come out to The Gathering and SESD knowing that you'll be greeted by tons of friendly faces, and the amount of trucks to look at will guarantee a long day of walking. Sunscreen, wide-brimmed headwear, and a full cooler will go a long way. See ya soon, SC!

The Lowdown
Southeast Showdown

Anderson Motor Speedway, Williamston, SC

July 23-24, 2011

Palmetto Rod Worx, PPG, Hooters, Accuair, Lowrider Depot, O'Reilly Auto Parts