Drag legally anywhere you want, all over town, all weekend long. This pretty much sums it up for the Heritage show. The event is thrown by minitruckers for minitruckers. Spectators are free, and so is the camping. Lee Caudill and the crew behind the show aren't looking to make a profit from their efforts, they are merely looking to further the Kentucky minitruck scene.

The three-day show attracted 8,000+ showgoers throughout the weekend. That figure may sound like a lot, but the word is out, Heritage offers a hell of a time without any drama from local authorities. In fact, the police actually led the drag 'n' cruise for those who wanted to participate. The city of Whitesburg is in total support of good, clean fun, and they welcome those in town for Heritage with open arms.

This show pops up on many people's favorites list time and time again and for good reason. Do yourself a favor and make the trip in 2012.

The Lowdown

Heritage 2K11

Whitesburg, KY

September 9-11, 2011

The Drag Shop, Letcher County Parks and Recreation, Whitaker Bank, Community Trust Bank, 103.9 FM The Bulldog, Drop 'Em Wear?, Get Bored