When I mention Biloxi, what’s the first thought that enters your head? Is it “that city that has a ton of casinos?” Maybe it’s “that city that got hammered by Hurricane Katrina?” Do you think “the place that inspired the marvel of modern cinema Biloxi Blues starring Mr. Bueller himself?” What jumps into my clean-shaven melon is none other than Scrapin’ the Coast, and if you were thinking of Matthew Broderick, you really need to work on your truck more.

June 2011 saw the ninth edition of Scrapin’ the Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi, and once again, STC delivered a huge, heaping helping of awesomeness. Close to 2,000 vehicles invaded the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, located right across the street from the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast. With that many rides in attendance there was definitely something for everyone, and events such as a burnout contest, hydraulic competition, and a killer after-party featuring the Scrapin’ the Coast bikini contest kept the masses pumped all weekend long. There were tons of food and merchandise vendors to keep everyone fed and clothed, and the air-conditioned interior of the coliseum, which was also packed with rides and vendors, made for a nice refuge from the heat of Mississippi in June.

Next year will mark a solid decade for STC, so start making plans now to attend as hotel rooms in the area tend to fill up fast.

The Lowdown

Scrapin’ the Coast

Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, MS

June 24-26, 2011

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