Most people never want the show season to end. Why would they? Every show gives people a chance to hang out with friends they only get to see two or three times a year. So when a town loves truck shows as much as Millington, Tennessee, does, why not have two? The local Holiday Inn asked Jerry Lewis, the man behind the RA All Star Event, to put on another show after they saw the repeated success of the RA show over the years.

After making a few phone calls and networking a bit, Jerry had the show completely mapped out. People from seven different states made their way out to Fall Fest on November 20, 2010, after only hearing very little about the details of the show. It was nothing huge, but the quality of rides that showed up amazed everyone in attendance. There is already talk of a name change for next year's event, so keep an ear out for information. Guess you could almost say, "If you put on a show, they will come."