When it comes to shows, you have your massive shows like SEMA or a Goodguys event, where you can't even see all of the vehicles if you walked the entire show for every hour it was open. Then you have small, family-type shows where it's all about hanging out with friends, making new ones, and just enjoying what brought us all together to begin with-custom vehicles. Heritage is one of the latter ones, and even though it lacks having thousands of entries, it makes up for it in the fact that the entire town comes together to support a weekend of chilling with friends and dragging at will anywhere in Whitesburg, Kentucky, where the show is held. Because this is one of those laid-back shows, we actually got a chance to sit back and talk with several truck and shop owners to see what trucks were in the works and hear new ideas for our minitruckin' lifestyle. With the host hotel being walking distance from the show grounds, this show is also one you can bring your kids to and feel right at home.

To help bring in the crowd, show promoter Lee Caudill never charges for spectator admission or for the camping area. This is great for the struggling minitrucker who can't afford those high-profile shows. There are not many small-town shows like this anymore, so make sure to support this one next year. It's always held the weekend after Labor Day, so put your request in for some vacation time now.

For information on Heritage 2011, visit heritageshow.net, or drop a line to leemichaelcaudill@yahoo.com.