Siknic came back this year in full force and brought together a ton of the South's best rides paired with perfect weather, making for a great weekend.

This year's event was hosted at the Lamar-Dixon Expo center located just off the highway. Definitely a perfect venue for the show, since it's surrounded by hotels and plenty of fresh Louisiana Cajun cookin'. Saturday morning the line started early, and by 9 a.m. the show was filling in nicely. As an added bonus, onsite camping was available for the hardcore willing to brave the night chill.

Sunday piled in the people and trucks for another beautiful day at the Expo center. The awards ceremony started up mid afternoon, and everyone lined up to buy event shirts and watch the nightcrawler-eating contest. We've never seen someone take a handful of nightcrawlers and not even chew. They just knocked 'em back and chased it down with a nice frosty beverage in record time.

There were plenty of vendors on site for clothing, new parts, and food to keep everyone occupied. Not to mention, DJ Get Low was mixing up the jams all weekend long. It was a great show and an awesome weekend for everyone involved. We can't wait for Siknic this year and any other show that B.J., Greg, and the Siknic staff throw. Always good times, with good people, for great reasons.

Show Lowdown
Name: Siknic
Location: Lamar Dixon Expo Center Gonzales/Baton Rouge, LA
Dates: October 17-18, 2009
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 603
Spectator Attendance: More than 2,800

Fast 411:
Siknic is a one-of-a-kind gathering with a picnic-style atmosphere. Owners of badass rides all come together and share a beer in the open air while showing off their custom rides.

Live DJ, nightcrawler-eating contest, awards ceremony, charity benefit show

Kingpin Autosports, KIK, Logear, RPM, RNR

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