Robbie Bryant and his crew at Keg Media began kicking around the idea of hosting a show for quite some time. When they moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas, Robbie looked at a map and knew they had a huge opportunity in front of them to host a show smack in the middle of the country.

They came up with the name Slamily Reunion because they wanted a show were everyone could come and just chill out with old friends and make new ones. And what would a "family reunion" be without refreshments, bbq, and entertainment, so they made sure to add it all to their winning recipe.

When people rolled in on Saturday morning (some slower than others), they could tell it was going to be a good show because the line was already full of the top rides in the Midwest. It was really like a real family reunion. You could hear everyone talking about their new and old projects, catching up with old friends, and of course the phrase "do you remember the time?" was the start of many great conversations over the weekend. Everyone had plenty to do at the show with two huge vender rows for people to check out everything from parts, to clothing, to pinstriping. There was a tattoo contest and tons of cool artwork, games were held all weekend long, and when evening rolled around there was a concert held at the show grounds and the only way you could get in is if you were there for the trucks.

Sunday, like most shows, was a little slower paced, you could definitely tell that everyone had really enjoyed the entire weekend. To say that this show was one of the smoothest ran shows around would be an understatement, and the awards ceremony even started on time. So mark your calendars for the weekend of July 31st, and come out and see for yourself what a minitrucker family reunion is like.