Show Lowdown
Name: 16th Annual Slammin' & Jammin'
Location: James E. Ward Agricultural Center - Lebanon, TN
Dates: May 22-24
Total Vehicles in Attendance: More than 1,200
Spectator Attendance: More than 10,000

Fast 411: The new event, "Slick Chicks" was definitely a hit and will return next year. Great weather all weekend long, tons of new vehicles displayed at the show, over 40 different clubs in attendance.

Events: Burn-out contest, hydraulic competition, lowest of the low, drive-through judging, club judging where they're parked, bikini contest with 33 participants

Sponsors: Kinetik Audio-Power Source, Memphis Car Audio, Rent & Roll Custom Wheels

Vendors: Over 40 different vendors

Contact for Future Events: