Kentucky is the home of some pretty cool stuff. Bourbon, awesome chicken, the famous Kentucky Derby, and also one hell of a car show.

The Third Annual Unleashed Show was held this year on May 16-17 in London, Kentucky. Saturday was beautiful all day as was Sunday up until it was awards time. The bottom seemingly fell out of the sky, sending a total soaking to anyone who was not fast enough to get out of there (mostly the vendors). For the trophies Chris Wilson and his crew pulled off some pretty cool tricks when they did their awards. Thanks to Mike Crumpler and Josh "Bacon" Hibbard, they painted the basecoat on some old bowling pins and then Kevin Geary laid down some lines, making them some very sought-after awards.

Mark your calendars for next May and come join us and the Unleashed crew for another slam dunk show. For future event info, check out or call Chris Wilson at (606) 493-7325.

The Show Lowdown
Show: 3rd Annual Unleashed Custom Show
Location: London, Kentucky
Date: May 16-17
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 150+
Spectator Attendance: 300+ with no spectator charge

Fast 411
* The band that kept the crowd entertained held a raffle for a killer electric guitar that was won by the Drop 'Em Wear? crew
* In the past, this show had abandoned animals up for adoption on site which is how they came up with the name Unleashed

* The best event of all: legal draggin'
* Tons of live music all weekend long

* Drop 'Em Wear?
* Get Stroked
* WayLayd

Contact for Future Events
Visit or call Chris Wilson at (606) 493-7325.