Now available in both right and left Coast versions, Blood Drag is becoming well known on both sides of the country.

Show promoter Eddy Cebreco joined forces with East Coast show organizers Jon Fulmer and Cagney Hart to put on one of the first shows of 2009. Held at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia, the February event was great fun even though the weather was a challenge (the show moved out of Florida and still can't get away from crazy weather) with rain and a tornado on Saturday along with a snowfall on Sunday. Luckily, the hardy souls who ventured out found that the indoor facilities at the fairgrounds provided the perfect escape from the elements. It also provided an opportunity to check out the collection of vendors and tattoo artists offering something hot for either your truck or your body. And many chose both. Saturday afternoon turned into a beautiful sunny day and several lucky drivers can look forward to seeing their vehicles appearing as magazine features. With more than 200 vehicles and 100 handmade, Plexiglas trophies, the odds were good for the participants at the Sunday afternoon awards ceremony. Special thanks go out to the members of No Regrets for their help in running the show.

The Show Lowdown
Name: Blood Drag '09
Location: Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia
Dates: Weekend of February 28th
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 210
Spectator Attendance: Approximately 3,000

Fast 411:
Tornado warnings got everyone's attention on Saturday morning, but everyone just hung out until the weather cleared. Lots of tattoo artists attracted minitruckers, who got some ink to commemorate the occasion. By 1:00 p.m., the sun was shining and even the vehicles outdoors were dry. Sunday saw everyone back inside, as an unusual Georgia snowfall added another unique weather dimension to this event.

Sponsors: Drop 'Em Wear?, Moonshine Customs

Vendors: Suicide Doors, Redemption Ink, Moonshine Customs, Drop 'Em Wear?, and Underground Scene

Contact for future Events: Email

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