Glenn and Mike Pilgreen of Drop Jaw Productions are well known for their events on the East Coast. In 2008 they introduced their latest show, Draggin' Nationals held in Rockingham, North Carolina. If you are into minitrucks and dragging, this is the show for you. All weekend long they encouraged you to drag where you liked, when you liked, and how you liked, while qualifying for a piece of the $1,000 prize money. A great collection of trucks, wild DropJaw late-night entertainment, prize money for having fun, and a huge collection of trophies made this show a winner and a must attend in 2009.

The Show Lowdown
Name: Draggin' Nationals
Location: Rockingham, North Carolina
Dates: July 25-27
Total Vehicles in Attendance: more than 100 (not bad for a first year event)
Sponsors: Rockingham, Mini Truckin' magazine, and Drop Jaw Productions
Contact for future Events: