We deal with a lot of show promoters all year long and the most common worry is "We plan this show all year long and now it looks like it might rain".

Rain, huh? We would be willing to bet that Roger Miller and his hardworking crew that puts on the Lakefront Tour would be happy if rain was their only concern each year. For the past six years or so, it seems that the Midnight Fantasies crew has been playing hurricane roulette with Mother Nature and losing horribly. But this amazingly hardworking crew has pressed on for the last 17 years and has brought us some of the best times we have ever had at a show. For that, we say thank you! Word on the street is that due to the weather issues that have plagued this show for so many years, they have moved the date entirely away from hurricane season so be sure to check the website out and mark your calendars now.

The Show Lowdown
Show: 17th Annual Midnight Fantasies Lakefront Tour
Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Dates: September 6th & 7th, 2008
Total Vehicles In Attendance: More than 650
Spectator Attendance: More than 2,000

Fast 411
* This show has had many hardships due to hurricanes, having to reschedule and even move this event due to Mother Nature for many years
* Get Stroked supplied some of the baddest "Best Of" awards
* With the threat of not only one, but two major hurricanes in the horizon (Hannah and Ike) and the newly passing of another "Gustav", it didn't detour many supporting from this always killer event!

KIK Clothing, Crime Pays Video, Damage Inc., Gator Skinz

Contact for Future Events
Roger Miller 337-905-1109 or check out midnightfantasiesshow.com