Many people already know the background of Hardcore Minis LNO Show. Now in its 12th year, the event is the annual memorial to club member Larry Neal Oliver, who was murdered by thieves that stole his truck. The event keeps his memory alive and emphasizes to the rest of us that life is short, so live it well. While there is an obvious serious side to the event, it's also about fun. Trust us, there's always plenty of fun to be had by all. Hardcore has been active as a club since '89, and their show keeps getting better each year. Combine a great collection of vehicles to admire, serious door prizes (that included a new set of wheels), club games that were as much fun for the spectators as they were for the players, and a wild wet T-shirt contest, and you have a great one-day event that you'll be sure to remember all year long.

The Show Lowdown
Name: Hardcore Minis 12th Annual LNO Show
Location: Central Florida Fairgrounds, Orlando, FL
Dates: December 1st
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 275
Spectator Attendance: 600+

Fast 411:
The club's one-day event has proven successful and they plan to continue that format.
The parents of Larry Neal Oliver attend every year, their favorite was T.C. Coleman's slammed Ford dualie, "One Bad Ton,"
Best of Show went to Chris Johnson's candy blue Ranger(featured in this very issue)
Serious door prizes included Kicker speakers, 18-inch wheels from 5th Gear, Car Care Products, and more

4x4 tug-'o'-war, motorcycle stunt team, burnout contest, bass-off, and tons of club games, including blindfolded Creeper races, club caprice cram, peanuts in 'da whipped cream, and a wild wet T-shirt contest.

Ultimate Audio, 5th Gear, Drop 'Em Where?, 4-Wheel Parts, Pep Boys, and Black Chapel Tattoos

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