With many clubs and shows falling by the wayside in the past few years, the guys and girls at Animated Attractions proved yet again that the family who drags together, stays together. Without any big corporate sponsors or a large advertising budget, Animated brought the house down for the 14th straight year. The show had a mix of great trucks, great people, and nighttime events that have to be seen to believe them. Next year will be the 15th year for the Slam Session Super Show. Don't miss this show on your calendar of events for 2008, where Animated Attraction plans to unleash the biggest party yet.

The Show Lowdown
Name: Slam Session Super Show
Location: Pitt County Fairgrounds, Greenville, NC
Dates: April 20-22
Total vehicles in attendance: 1,100
Spectator attendance: 20,000+

Fast 411:
*14th Annual Event
*One of the largest club-run shows around

Wet T-shirt contest, beer chug (men's and women's), bikini contest, hunk and chunk contests, tug-'o'-war, air-hydro, burnout, trash4cash, Sunday hangover games, and dodge ball

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