One of the hardest things to do when throwing a show is to find the perfect date. You don't want it to be on the same weekend as another big show in the area or on a big holiday weekend, either. For the past two years, Lay'd Out was on the same weekend as Gator Drag, so show promoter Jeffrey Dillard decided to help out his show and Gator Drag, too. By moving his show a week, people could attend both.

This seemed like the perfect plan, until Jeff looked at a calendar a couple months after he had already booked the show and realized his new weekend fell on Easter. Knowing that the show must go on, he hoped for the best. There was perfect weather leading up to the show, with temperatures around 80 degrees and sunny skies. However, the day before the show, a front moved in and the temperature dropped into the 20s and 30s with a threat of snow.

Although being held on Easter weekend with the prospects for snow, it still couldn't stop the die-hard minitruckers from driving to the show. At the hotel on Friday night, you could see the trucks roll in while covered in salt and sand from the roads. It was easy to spot those who had just left the car wash-they had ice hanging off of their mirrors and bumpers.

Having almost 500 vehicles on a weekend like this was way more than expected. Check out the Show Lowdown for more information.