We went deep into the sticks of Louisiana for this puppy, and it was worth it. Sure, there were a few problems with the local law, but all in all it was a success. You couldn't really beat the show grounds, and with a casino on hand, fun could be had all night long. I even won a few bucks, which was enough to buy my friends a round of drinks in preparation for the big show at hand. The as-could-be-expected show was great in size, considering it was held at a new location. There were still plenty of new and old faces. We can't wait to go back in '08, and next time we're going to be ready for the poker tournament, as well.

Show Lowdown

Name: Gator Drag '07
Location: Coushatta Casino Resort, Kinder, Louisiana
Dates: April 13-15
Total vehicles in attendance: 734
Spectator Attendance: 2,500+

Fast 411:
-Gator Drag '07 was the fourth annual event
-It is a traditional three-day event with Friday roll-in, Saturday show 'n' shine, and awards on Sunday.
-More than $7,000 was donated to Relay for Life Cancer Research.
-All major clubs were represented at the show.

-Dragging contest
-D.J. by Get Low
-There was a burnout competition, and just so you know, only one truck caught on fire.
-USAC double points sound competition
-Bikini contest with cash prizes

Ekstensive Metal Works, King Pin Customs, Gator Skinz, Chaotic Rod and Customs, and Keef's Rod and Customs.

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Contact For Future Events:
Call Brandon LeBlanc at (337) 658-5805, or go to http://www.myspace.com/gatordrag, or visitwww.gatordrag.com

Message From Brandon:
"This being the 4th Annual Gator Drag, I have worked all year trying to give you the show everybody wants. I know the cops were being hard asses this year, and I am doing everything in my power to prevent that next year. Let's all come together as fellow minitruckers and help to keep the shows we have left alive and support each other. We are all here for the same reason. Thanks for all of the support and see you all at Gator Drag '08."