When the guys and girls of Definite Obsessions set out to have a show, they had two things in mind. The first was to help their fellow club member, Dave Swanson, to raise enough money to help with his transplant. The second was to put on a good show that people will come back to. We would have to say, they accomplished all that they set out for, and then some.

Show Lowdown
Name: Sparks in the Ozarks
Location: Memorial Park, Bentonville, Arkansas
Date: October 7, 2006
Total vehicles in attendance: 122
Spectator attendance: 800+

Fast 411:
- Inaugural show
- Proceeds went to The National Foundation for Transplants.
- It raised almost $3,000 to help with club member Dave Swanson's kidney transplant.
- Billet specialty awards.
- Random door prizes were handed out during the day.

- A milk-chugging contest.
- The after-show hangout was at a local Sonic drive-thru.
- A Saturday night cruise and drag contest was held on I-540, which was won by J.J.

Sponsors: 3rd Shift Kustoms, Kustomz Ink Klothing, www.SuicideDoors.com, Victory Graphix, Graphic Disorder, Quiznos, Office Depot, Cyclone Graphics, Stylin' Concepts, Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches, Wal-Mart, Little Debby, and Cott Beverage.

Hosted by: Definite Obsessions

Vendors: 3rd Shift Kustoms and Extreme Auto Restylers

Contact for future events:www.definiteobsessions.com or www.myspace.com/sparksintheozarks