The members of Hardcore Car and Truck Club have been together since 1989, with a tragedy which transformed this club into a large, closely-knit family. For the past 11 years, Hardcore members have been putting on their annual car show in the memory of Larry Neal Oliver, a good friend and club member who was killed by thieves who stole his truck. The show keeps his memory alive and underscores how fragile life is. While there is a serious side, the show is also great fun with lots of crazy events that have become a Hardcore tradition. Changed from last year, the event is now a one-day, Saturday show that drew drivers from around the state. Many liked the fact that it was a one-day event and attendance was up 1/3 population over last year's event. The club has a questionnaire on their website, which asks you to determine their approach for next year, so take a moment and check it out.

Show Lowdown

Name: Hardcore LNO Memorial Show
Location: Central Florida Fairgrounds,Orlando, Florida
Date: November 11, 2006vTotal Vehicles in Attendance: 350
Spectator Attendance: 500+

Fast 411:
- A memorial show for a lost friend
-The Oliver family drove from South Carolina, displaying Larry's truck at the event
-Tight Works Promotions ran the Audio Competition, with a DB Drags and Bass Race competition

Events: Indoor 4X4 pull off, bikini contest, wet T-shirt competition, stereo competition with Bass Racing, compact-car stuffing, and club games that included chubby bunny, a maple-syrup chug, and bobbin' for peanuts in a chocolate cream pie

Sponsors: Ultimate Audio, Hot Rides, Drop 'Em Wear?, 5th Gear, 4Wheel Parts, Scrape-N-Customs, Maguire's, Pep Boys, and Edelbrock

Vendors: Ultimate Audio, Drop 'em Wear? and

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