Everyone remembers their first big show, and for most people on the East Coast and Midwest, that show was Pigeon Forge in July. It was the first time we diehards on the East Coast, saw Charles Armstrong's Time Machine. And who can forget the classic moments like when we watched Mike Finnegan weld on his Taco while blowing the breakers at the Kwiki Mart? Aw, the good ol' days. A lot has changed in Pigeon Forge over the last few years, but one thing has not changed, the love for custom trucks in Pigeon Forge. This year, you could not have asked for better weather, or a greater backdrop for the hundreds of trucks that invaded this year's show. With representation from most of the major truck clubs, and some die-hard Tennessee show fanatics, this year's Mini Truck Nationals went off without a hitch. This show is definitely back on the rise, thanks to a lot of diehard minitruckers who are trying to bring the show back to its original glory days. For a great show with a lot of fun for the whole family, mark your calendars for the first of July in 2007.

Show Lowdown
Name: 17th Annual Mini Truck Nationals
Location: The Music Road Hotel, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Dates: July 7-9th
Total vehicles in attendance: 350
Spectator attendance: 2,000 +

Fast 411:
-17th Annual Show
-Top 75 from mild to wild
-Random cash and prize drawings throughout the day
-Also, a cash award for Best of Show

Events: Sound off, short shorts, and bikini contest

Sponsors: Drop'em Wear?

Vendors: Drop'em Wear?

Contact for future events: webmaster@classycreations.net, orSandy at (423) 623-2446