On her way to the parched Carolinas, tropical Storm Hannah dumped more than 10 inches of rain as she passed through Florida's Gulf Coast. The much-needed rain was welcome farther north, but the Panhandle already had more than enough. While rain may be good for the farmers, show promoters don't share quite the same appreciation for heavy doses of liquid sunshine.

Greg Miller, promoter for the Whitlee Slam Jam in Fort Walton Beach, had his eyes glued to the Weather Channel before his Sunday event. Greg has been in the business for five years and covers much of the Southeast, from Houston up north to Ohio, east to the Carolinas, and south to the Florida Keys. Racking up more than 100 shows a year, Miller spends lots of time on the road doing what he loves best. Luck was with Miller this day when the storm turned just in time.

With sunshine spreading all over Fort Walton Beach, custom vehicles began rolling in from miles around. Drivers arrived, happy to take advantage of the break in the weather and enjoy a day with friends. Stereo competitions are always a very important part of the Whitlee shows, with both outlaw and legal SPL classes. There were also hydraulic and airbag-hopping competitions to entertain the crowd. The host club, Stylz2NV, assisted Miller. Headquartered right in Fort Walton Beach, the club has approximately 30 people, and the vehicle mix includes cars, trucks, low riders, and muscle cars. The club meets every Saturday, and after the business meeting, club members hang out together and plan events that strengthen their ties to the community. The club already has an event on its spring schedule, a car show with the proceeds going to support the local cancer society.

In the end, the weather held long enough for Miller to deliver the large collection of trophies to eager participants. If you'd like to be part of the fun, contact Greg at (228) 832-4683.