Minnesota isn't the first destination that comes to mind when looking for a minitruck show to hit, but it should start registering by now. This is the third year the Twisted Koncepts crew has celebrated a successful show weekend, and they're looking to see what the future will hold for their family-based event. Show Off Showdown has called Raceway Park in the city of Shakopee home since day one, but will likely be uprooted to another location in 2014. Now, there are two things that pose as major threats to a good show—a drastic change in the date, and moving to a new venue. Luckily, TK has the heart and support to look at this new chapter as a fresh breath of life to their show.

What won't change is the welcoming spirit the TK staff directs towards all who come to hang out for the weekend. Cheap on-site camping has always been made available, and as far as things to do at the show, who doesn't like a good game of kickball or a thought-provoking bikini contest? The Showdown brings in trucks from the surrounding states, but it's starting to look like the show's reach is getting further each year with more vehicles making the event. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for information about next year's edition. See you there!

The Lowdown

Show Off Showdown
Shakopee, Minnesota
August 2-4, 2013
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