Birds singing songs in praise of the morning, the calming sound of leaves gently shuffling in the breeze, crickets softly chirping—you'll find all of this at the campground a few miles past Lake Waveland, Indiana. During the weekend of Camp N Drag, those who choose to catch their Zzz's outside will be lulled to sleep by the gentle hum of cycling air compressors, deflating airbags, frame-on-concrete grinding, and shouts urging others to expose random bodily parts. If that's your idea of a soundtrack you'd like to spend three days listening to, then read on … better yet, come out and experience it firsthand.

Camp N Drag has always been a show worth checking out because of the nightlife (it's insanely fun), but this year it reached a record number of show vehicles—600 of them, and the amount of top-shelf builds there was astonishing. Even with a monsoon or rainstorm or whatever the hell it was classified as that blew in early Saturday morning, campers stuck it out for what has been the best turnout to date for the show. The now-famous soapbox derby and show 'n' shine weren't affected, and neither were the other scheduled festivities—nice try, Mutha Nature.

This show has a magic all its own, and anyone who has ever been will agree. If not, then they probably overshot it by a few miles and spent the weekend at Jellystone Park. Even if bringing your project isn't in the cards, load up your daily and hit the road. And remember, there's no shame in rollin' up in a rental car either. See ya next year!

The Lowdown
Camp N Drag
Lake Waveland, IN
July 19-21, 2013
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