As everyone probably knows, Joplin, Missouri, was hit by one of the worst tornados in the last 50 years on May 22, 2011. This storm hit close to home, affecting members of the minitruckin' family who attend shows all over the Midwest. It tore up their automobiles, messed with a few of their homes, and even leveled long-time S.O.L. show sponsor Kyle Dimetroff's shop, Guilty by Design, which had eight awesome in-progress rides. Some haven't been seen since that day.

Instead of giving up on the show, the crew decided to sack up and go for it. The reasons for going through with the show were simple: give the people something they are used to and enjoy, and try to raise a little money for some good people trying desperately to get back on their feet.

Those pure motives excited the local minitruckin' community, and the turnout was beyond what was expected. If you haven't hit this show, it's a long weekend full of club games, a late-night bikini contest, and even fishing in the creek on the campgrounds. There's something for everyone at this one!

The Lowdown
S.O.L. 5

Undercliff Campground, Joplin, MO

June 3-5, 2011

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