After Kicker's first show in 2010, which was superb, the guys and gals responsible started planning the 2011 installment right away. If there was one thing they could've changed about the first show was the heat, but what can you expect from summer weather in Oklahoma? So with the show calendar in the area nearly completely open, they decided to move the show to the spring and kept the location at their Stillwater headquarters.

Well, the change in dates did do something for the weather. This time around it was just downright cold! But did that keep a bunch of winter-starved showgoers away? Hell no! The number of registered vehicles actually increased from 82 to 204, and that's not even counting the rides Kicker brought out. Now, I'm not a mathematician (not professionally, anyway), but that's a pretty good increase, and it wasn't just a bunch of average rides that showed up. There were a bunch of top-shelf trucks in attendance.

Once again, Kicker and the sponsors of the Bash stepped up big time, giving out door prizes such as sunglasses, power tools, a full set of 'bags, and lots of speakers and amps. For those who didn't win any of the stereo goods, the "rummage" sale offered tons of dirt-cheap products.

Not only did the top 30 and best-of winners take home some amazing trophies that the install department spent many hours making, but every one of them got an iKick 501 to go with it. The Best of Show winner also got a fat check for five grand in Kicker gear. So if you're planning to hit shows in the OK area and want a shot at great prizes, make the Kicker Bash one of your destinations.

The Lowdown

Kicker Bash

Stillwater, OK

Air Lift, Oakley, Makita, Wet Okole, Kinetik, Team Associated