Nobody can say truck runs are a thing of the past as long as shows like Camp ’N’ Drag are still around. Parking under the shade, cracking open some cold ones, and a spending the entire weekend kicking back fuel this three-day campout. It really is a simple recipe for a great time.

CND still offers what the typical truck show does with a few games, raffles, awesome trophies, a bikini contest, and a full show-and-shine on Saturday, but the real magic starts after the sun dips down past the horizon. The BBQs and campfires start blazing up, and an exciting nightlife comes alive. With sparks lighting up the night, music blaring from every direction, and the sound of cheering and laughter all around, wishing to be anywhere else would be absurd.

Registration hit just under 300 vehicles, and the spectator count was tallied at 1,600, which is almost unheard of considering this show is held in the middle of miles and miles of cornfields. Those in attendance are definitely not fair-weather minitruck fans. If you haven’t gone yet, make it a point to hit it next year—the Balistik crew knows how to throw a party!

The Lowdown

Camp ’N’ Drag

Lake Waveland Park, Waveland, IN

July 15-17, 2011

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