When everyone started showing up Friday, no one had any idea what the S.O.L. show had in store for them this year-there aren't many Midwest shows that bring in over 100 entries.

The great thing about the S.O.L. show is its true truck-run atmosphere. There's always something going on from club wars to just random contests, not to mention the number of topnotch rides on hand. As the sun set, everyone started filling up their beer cups and started gearing up for the bikini contest. No one had any idea just what was in store for them in what S.O.L calls a "bikini" contest, but let's just say there aren't many pics we can show here.

On Sunday, the final day of the three-day run, the killer handbuilt trophies were handed out and everyone was already talking about being back for next year's show.

For more information, check out Myspace.com/soltruckshow.

Show Lowdown
Name: S.O.L.
Location: Undercliff Campground, Joplin, MO
Dates: June 4-6
Total Vehicles in Attendance: More than 150
Spectator Attendance: 600

Fast 411
• Forth-annual show
• Great camping right on natural spring-fed creek banks
• Some of the coolest handbuilt trophies from the Top 50 to the Best ofs
• Lasting Impressions won the club wars for the second year in a row
• Kyle Osborn took home the Best of Show trophy with his debut Toyota

• Beer pong tourney
• As the promoters claimed, the wildest bikini contest this side of the Mississippi
• Club games included ro-sham-bo, tire throw, and hot-sauce drinking contest

No Law, Guilty by Design, Atoms Graphics, Monster, Screamin' Dreams, Westside Customs, Comers, and Lowrider Depot

Contact for Future Events: Myspace.com/soltruckshow or soltruckshow@yahoo.com

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