If you remember "the good ol' days" back when Indy Truck Bash had more trucks than cars in attendance and when six dudes rollin' deep in their mom's minivan couldn't park next to show vehicles, then you'll remember a time when Donnie Babb was at the reigns.

He built the show from the ground up, created a smooth operating experience and then sold it for a butt-load of cash. We can't blame him, but the good news is that Donnie is throwing his hat into the Indy show ring again with Slamology.

Everything that you loved about the old days of the Indiana show experience is now incorporated into this two-day event, which spreads across the huge acreage of the Marion County Fairgrounds. Live bands take the stage in intervals with a DJ that keeps a constant soundtrack playing throughout the day. If you stop and take a look around at any point in the weekend you'll notice that everything has a place and there is a place for everything. There is no chaos, no congestion, and no mess. It's almost like minitrucker OCD, which is a good thing. For more information on Slamology, visit Slamology.com.