When it comes to big camp style truck runs, we we're beginning to think they were a thing of the past and something that we could never really pull off again. Boy were we wrong!

These once fabled "truck runs" are popping back up all over the nation. Tex Mex, West Coast Nationals is coming back this year, Showfest is making a return for the 2010 show season, and Camp-N-Drag is now a major force to be reckoned with. In only its second year attendance more than tripled and over 90% of the attendants camped out for the weekend, making it truly a Camp-N-Drag. There was a huge cruise strip and the laid back atmosphere welcomed all ages to enjoy the daytime festivities. Look for Camp-N-Drag to become one of the Midwest's must- attend shows, and make sure to bring your tent to enjoy all this show has to offer. For more information, visit Myspace.Com/Campndrag.