With only having a handful of shows still left in the central part of the United States, there's not many places for people in this area to go without driving six hours or more to find a good show.

The guys from No Law the Video and Guilty By Design threw together a show in only two weeks time, when Midwest Dragfest was cancelled. They decided to call it show the S.O.L. Show because everyone that planned on going to Dragfest were "$*&# out of Luck" when the show was cancelled. The show turned out to have pretty good support so they've decided to try and keep it around. After Andrew and Kyle put their heads together they picked a weekend and found a great place to have an on-going show that also had on-site camping.

Friday afternoon people started rolling in to set up camp and get ready for what was to be a great weekend for a show. That night there were even a few brave souls that went out in search of the famed Joplin Spook Light (Google this and check it out if you're ever in the area). They saw all kinds of weird stuff running around the countryside. They also found out a one-ton diesel can drift when you make a wrong turn, but after getting some help from a guy with a lantern in the middle of nowhere, they finally stumbled upon the strange phenomenon.

When Saturday morning rolled around there were tents set up all over the campgrounds, which means there were just as many trucks waiting for everyone to check out. Not only were there some cool rides to check out, the show always had something going on to keep everyone entertained. The night came quick and it was time for the "bikini" contest (if you want to call it that). After that everyone hung out around the campfires and shared stories with old friends and made some new ones. Keep a lookout for info on next year's show and be sure to check it out.