The original run of the Midwest? You may be asking yourself what does this mean? It means dragging, friends, fun, and most importantly camping. While most Midwest shows are held near or around the convenience of Holiday Inns and McDonalds, Camp 'N Drag is not your normal Midwest truck show. It's based off the West Coast style river runs that started back in the 70s with the custom van enthusiasts. The most popular and most recent to date is the late Resolutions show, which brought minitruckers together from all over the world to show their trucks, grill some burgers, and most importantly have a great time. When RJ Bannerman president of the Midwest Minitruckers Association first visited a West Coast truck run, it was forever a thought in his mind to host the same style show in Americas' heartland. So if you're wondering what a "truck run" is like, you might want to keep an eye out for Camp 'N Drag show dates for 2009, We'll be back for sure!

The Show Lowdown
Name: Midwest Camp n Drag
Location: Waveland, Indiana
Dates: July 18-20
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 150+
Spectator Attendance: 400+

Fast 411:
The first original "truck run" in the Midwest. Full Custom Trophies built by BBT Fab, Full Throttle Furniture, and Guilty By Design. 240 acres of onsite camping.

Pre-party, after party, and raffles

Monster Energy, Lowrider Depot, AVS, Billet Specialties, BBT Fabrications, Full Throttle Furniture, Clean Tools, Lowlife Video

BBT, Drop 'Em Wear?, Guilty By Design, No Law Video, Full Throttle Furniture, Costly Clothing, Billet Specialties, Minitruck Cartel

Contact for future Events:
Bill at (708) 267-4035 or RJ at (708) 253-2207 oremail:,

Special Thanks:
The Balistik crew, Mike Frazier and the town of Waveland, and Marilyn Mitchell.