When you live in Ohio, you never know how the weather will turn out. If you made it to the Dropt & Destroyed III show on October 1, 2006, you know exactly what we mean. Dropt Out, one of Ohio's most enthusiastic minitruck clubs, held their pre-registration pre-show at Quaker State and Lube in Valley View, Ohio, and the weather went from being nice to cold and scattered showers in seconds. However, it didn't turn away minitruckers as they dragged their way into line.

On October 1, 2006, minitrucks came draggin' through all day long. Even a few unknown projects showed up to the event and made their appearances. As the show wrapped up, everyone scraped away with something, even if it was just an experience that could be talked about during the winter. This show has gotten bigger and better each year, and is promising big things in the future. The club would like to thank everyone for their support and they look forward to scrapin' in 2007!

Show Lowdown
Name: Dropt & Destroyed III
Location: Valley View, Ohio
Dates: October 1st
Total vehicles in attendance: 220
Spectator attendance: Hundreds

Fast 411:
-This was a one-day show that will grow into a two-day show
-The show has doubled its size each year
-There were tons of giveaways throughout the day

Events: Car/Truck Limbo
Sponsors: Horizon Audio/Motorsports, Garagetease.com, Mini Truckin' Magazine, Suicidedoors.com, Meguiars, Stoner cleaning products, Drop 'Em Wear?, and Ohiominitrucks.com

Horizon Audio/Motorsports, and Garagetease.com

Contact for future events: You can email the guys at droptblaze@droptout.com, or check out their website at www.droptout.com