Luckily this show, organized by the fine males and females of the Low Rollers crew, represents the end of the calendar season, not the show season. Numbers wise, the field was said to be a little on the low side compared to years past, but what it turned into was an almost pure minitruck show—with top-notch quality all around. The ratio of cover and feature trucks, as well as future stars, outnumbered what the figure usually is at a lot of other shows.

Filled with two days of family friendly fun this year, the Bash ditched the usual wet T-shirt/bikini contest because who really wants to look at boobies these days anyway? You can stay at home, turn on the computer, and see the size, shape, and color you want in an instant. What they did replace the skin show with was a game show, which actually turned out to be pretty awesome. The test of knowledge of subjects ranging between movie/television, sports, and truck scene trivia was absolute comedy to watch (also, a little educational), but the physical challenges were by far the crowd favorite.

Stay tuned for next year's dates, and once they are announced, take that as your cue to take time off work so you can live it up in Jersey, too.

The Lowdown
Low Rollers' End Of Summer Bash

Salem County Fairgrounds, Pilesgrove, NJ

August 18-19, 2012

Brad Fab Industries, Lowrider Depot, Driven Fabrication and Upholstery, Pinstriping by Hoff, KIK, Drop Em Wear