Crossing the Northern border is still something that takes some getting used to. There’s the pretty (yet, fake looking) Canadian cash, the terrifying zombie warning labels on their smokes, and the quirky lingo that gets tossed around and leaves one wondering what the hell these people are even talking about. But one thing you can bank on when hitting a truck show in the great land of Canadia is the genuinely fantastic people that keep the very fabric of the custom scene tightly knit up there. You’d have to be loony (not loonie) to not want to make a northern trek at least once in your short life.

So what else can you expect from this little show? Well, there’s always slick trucks to scope out, but that’s a given. There’s two days of solid cruising where you’ll see everything from grandpa’s hundred thousand dollar hot-rod to his punk ass grandson’s minitruck sharing the road. It’s a beautiful thing. However, the most entertaining slice of fun that Sideshow has to offer is the M.C. for the event—none other than J.D. Zajicek. Dude’s got jokes and one-liners for days. If for some reason you’re feeling blue, his solid gold wit will bring you back from the dark side at lightspeed, which, takes this amateur tour guide entry back to its most important point.

It’s about the people. The boys and girls in the Dropsicles crew will treat you like a friend, whether you’re in town to show a vehicle or just walk around. And when you befriend a Canadian, it’s for life. See ya next year, hosers!

The Lowdown
Dropsicles Sideshow

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

July 14, 2012

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