The morning of the show brought even more pouring rain, which had not let up in the past two days. Nevertheless, what seemed like the entire town caravanned down the road to the park where the show was held. The day was packed full of festivities, which started just after roll-in, as staff members measured the height of all vehicles to determine whose was the lowest.

To our amazement, as soon as we parked the gray clouds parted and the sun forced its way through. The show field was packed with Australia’s finest autos. With the rain gone, the battle of the club games began. One such test of mental and intestinal strength was a warm glass of milk and tuna chug… while cross-dressed in women’s clothes. You gotta respect the creativity of these Aussies.

Once the show was wrapped up, we headed for the awards dinner presentation that evening. Held at a swanky banquet club in town, this awards presentation was unlike anything I have ever seen in the States. There was a fully stocked bar, dinner buffet, and the NC guys gave out prizes and awesome gifts all evening long.

I will say that the Australian minitruck scene is alive and thriving. Hats go off to Negative Camber and all the Down Under clubs and businesses that make this show a success. East Coast Cruise is going on 10 years strong with no signs of letting up. If you ever get the chance to make it down to Australia for a show, this is the one to put on the ol' bucket list.

The Lowdown

East Coast Cruise

Batesman Bay, Australia

November 25-27, 2011

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