Every February, Jeff King and the AcrophobiA family host the East Coast Bowling Nationals. This year’s annual bash was once again held at Chacko’s Bowling Lanes in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. This event isn’t a car show (since usually this time of year, there is plenty of snow on the ground). Rather, it’s more like a family get-together. Clubs from all over the country gather to hang out, catch up, and, of course, compete for custom bowling pin awards.

Now, don’t say that’s too far to go for one night! Friday night there’s a pre-party at Club 10. Thrown by Mike Butry, the yearly “Butry’s Booty Bash” always draws a huge crowd and is a great way to get your drinkin’ shoes ready for the next night. It’s not uncommon to see the attendees from the Booty Bash sipping on water at the official Bowling Nats the following night. Lightweights!

Next February, shake off the winter blahs and come out and knock a couple pints back and a few pins over. Between the ugly sweater contest and worst bowler awards, there has never been a more minitrucker-friendly event. Ever!

The Lowdown
12th Annual East Coast Bowling Nationals

Chacko’s Bowling Lanes, Wilkes-Barre, PA

February 12, 2011

Jeff King at (570) 793-3229 or