When you think of a one-day show in the Northeast, there should be one single event that comes to mind: Grounded 4 Life's One-Day Slam! For the past 11 years, Grounded 4 Life has been hosting this show at the municipal building in Bristol, Pennsylvania. This show is heavily supported by Northeastern minitruckers. These guys have killer rides and show up in big numbers at all the events in the surrounding areas. Another great thing about this show is the ending spot for the Sparky Cruise, which is a memorial cruise for Chris "Sparky" Stanley, a fallen minitrucker who passed away suddenly in 2008.

If you're looking for a show to kick back at and chill out with your friends in this part of the country, this is it! The One-Day Slam is highly anticipated year after year, and even though it only spans a single day the 325 vehicles on display and 1,500 spectators in attendance at 2010's show prove just how popular the event has become.

For more information on 2011's show, contact Tom Pollio at (267) 784-2524.