When show promoter Joe Sud decided to start Scrape by the Lake back in 2000, the skeptics first referred to it as "mistake by the lake." His perseverance and dedication have carried the Canadian show into its eleventh year and forever muted all the naysayers. What is now known as Canada's most popular show filled the Prudhommes Inn located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, on July 18, 2010, with 750 show vehicles and thousands of spectators.

In addition to the sweltering temps, a freestyle motocross show and skateboard expo were in full swing followed by the widely popular hydro contest and the fan-favorite bikini contest. Proceeds from the show were donated to cancer treatment research and children's after-school sports programs.

Scrape has now established itself as the largest and most attended show in Canada, and there is no slowing down in sight. "I have to thank the sponsors and supporters that help make this culture the absolute best," Joe tells us. "I am glad we are able to create a place where die-hard truck enthusiasts and their families can kick back and enjoy the day."

For more information on next year's event, log on to scrapebythelake.com.