Every year, the Canada-based minitruck club, iLLconformity, puts on a charity event to benefit Cancer Care Manitoba.

As one of Canada's biggest minitruck clubs, they know they have an obligation to give back to their community, and they do so in a big way, having raised over $25k. This event is open to all types of vehicles from minitrucks to hot rods to lowriders to imports, and it's awesome to see them all come out and support such a great cause.

The night before the show is the preshow pig roast at Justin's house, where everyone gets together to blow off some steam before the hectic show day. The next morning came way too early but brought with it perfect weather. With hosted events that include tug-o'-war, chocolate milk chugs, charity raffles, dunk tank, and much more, there is plenty to see and do if the killer customs on hand aren't enough to keep you entertained for the day. Every year, they have a child representative from Cancer Care come out to the show and choose their favorite vehicle and present them with an award. They also try to find out what their favorite type of car is and try to arrange for them to go for a ride in one. This year, Dane's dream was to go for a ride in a red Ferrari, so the iLLconformity crew managed to track one down two nights before the show while picking John Nissan up at the airport. Dane's smile from a ride in his dream car was well worth it!

After the awards and all the donations were collected, it was time to clean up and head to the after-party at the Thirsty Lion Tavern followed by the after-after-party at Justin's place again. All in all, it was a great event for an even better cause.

For more information, check out Summershocker.com.