Many things have come and gone in the past few years. We have seen major companies fail, the country's economic stability has been threatened and morale has been low.

Show promoter Joe Sud faced a different kind of problem when he started Scrape by the Lake in Ontario, Canada. At that time, if you didn't have a muscle car or a hot rod, there was no place for you. But his perseverance and acceptance for all custom vehicles has led to one of the most popular and respected shows in all of Canada.

In addition to this year's cool Canadian weather, the crowd was treated to a skateboard and FMX motocross show, a hydro contest and the ever popular bikini contest. Every year, proceeds from "Scrape" have helped to keep kids off the street and get them active in sports as well as treatment for cancer patients. Many who were given that opportunity in the past were participants in this year's show.

With more than seven hundred vehicles in attendance and five thousand spectators traveling from as far away as Florida, Scrape by the Lake has established itself as one of the strongest running shows in North America. "I have to thank our supporters who have been a part of this culture for the past ten years," Joe told us. "Without all of you, there would be no Scrape by the Lake." For more info, check out