The "Lucky" 13th Annual End of Summer Bash was held again this year in Woodstown, New Jersey, and we were ready to celebrate another killer show with the Low Rollers crew.

Saturday started out kinda wet-well, really wet. But let me tell you, the Northeast crowd of minitruckers is so hardcore that you would have thought it was 90 and sunny by the line waiting to register. The rain finally tapered off around 10 a.m. and before we knew it, the grounds were filling up right on cue. They had the awesome events we have come to love from this show, like dodge-ball and the high/low competition. And as always EOSB brought out some killer debut rides that you will be seeing soon in these very pages.

The host hotel (the Holiday Inn) had no idea what hit them Saturday night when a bunch of Magnetic Minis and Acrophobia members took to the dance floor in the bar and enjoyed some good old-fashioned line dancing. It was one of the funniest things we've ever seen! So make sure to mark your calendars in August 2010 and come and hang out with the entire Low Rollers family for a weekend you will never forget-guaranteed.