The Show Lowdown
Truck Masters Japan Tour Final
Location: Rainbow Town, Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
Date: November 16th
Total vehicles in Attendance: 683
Spectator Attendance: More than 3,000

Fast 411
* 17th year since the first Truck Masters
* Fairground is on a man-made island that floats in the Tokyo bay-area
* Show tours all over Japan then comes back to Tokyo for the Final Round
* About 500 trucks in show, while the other 180 are compacts and SUVs
* They collect pull ring tabs of aluminum cans to help the handicap purchase wheelchairs
* The only trophies awarded are the fifteen "Best of" awards given out from magazines and special guests

* Raffles, auction for charity, BMX ride show, bikini contest
* More than 30 vendor booths and swap meet

Special Thanks
Everyone who's involved, everyone who comes out and supports the shows, and all the amazing shops, trucks, and people from Japan.

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