We've lost a lot of good shows in the circuit during the past couple of years, it was particularly nice to see an old favorite return. Blood Drag is back on the circuit with its first show in two years, and it looks like it's here to stay. You may recall, the event was established to help a club member, who had been involved in a life-threatening traffic accident. It was designed as a source of revenue for his medical bills, and also to help the South Florida Blood Bank respond to the needs of the community. Before long, the event transitioned from a worthy cause to a wild weekend, then quickly developed a strong following.

Although the event's roots were originally in Florida, the most recent show was held in the Anderson County Fairgrounds in Anderson, South Carolina. Eddy Cebreco Jr., the founder of the original event, is still involved. He has since turned his hobby into a career, now working a full-time job as Events Manager for the Truck Group of Source Interlink Media.

This past event, Eddy enlisted the help of his good friend, Jon Fulmer, who brought a wealth of experience to the event. Jon's own show, the Southeast Showdown, is held at the same location every July. Jon and his team made sure everything ran smoothly, from move-in to send-off. Special thanks also goes out to the members of No Regrets, the host club, which lent a hand in making sure the show went off without a hitch.

The Show Lowdown
Blood Drag 2008
Location: Anderson County Fairgrounds, Anderson, SouthCarolina
Dates: February 8-10
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 364
Spectator Attendance: 1,300+

Fast 411:
* The Anderson County Fairgrounds location will be used again next year
* More than 100 people donated blood.
* More than 175 custom plexiglass trophies were presented to the winners

Events: A railin' run Saturday night

Vendors: Rent-N-Roll, DropJaw Productions, Drop 'Em
Where?, Sikness Video, and Little Shop of Horrors

Contact for Future Events: Blooddrag1@yahoo.com