When it comes to a true minitruck show, this is one of the first that comes to mind. We've attended this show for the past several years, mostly due to the fact that the town has 100-percent support for the show. This was the first show that we saw trucks dragging, while the mayor and police chief sat on the court house steps watching and cheering it on.

People travel from all over for the free-form atmosphere this show offers. After the show ends, everyone migrates to one of the two hotels in town that always fill up fast. The crowd loiters in the parking lots, enjoying the company of friends, sipping a beverage of choice, while sparks fly down the access road-like the old Greenville days.

If you're looking for a laid-back show, that has one of the best after-show happenings, and where everyone in town feels at home, then this is a show you must attend.

The Low Down
Name: Heritage 2K7
Location: Mountain Comprehensive Health in Whitesburg, Kentucky
Dates: Weekend after Labor Day
Total vehicles in attendance: 245
Spectator attendance: 7,000+ in three days

Fast 411:
*Drag anywhere you want, all over town, no B.S.
* Entrants came from as far away as Wisconsin and St. Louis; 17 states represented, even some Cali guys flew in to party.
* Hotels were filled eight months ahead of time.
* It was by minitruckers, for minitruckers! Not for the money, just to further the scene.
* All judging was handled by the minitruck club Ground Level out of London, Kentucky.

* Drag anywhere you want, all weekend long.
* A police lead Rail 'n' Cruise tour around town, complete with current and vintage cop cars from all over the state leading the way.
* Bed-dance exhibition by Jamie Kelly's Schizophrenia

The People's Bank and Trust, Community Trust, Whitaker Bank, Apogee Environmental, Twist of Cain, Graphic Disorder, Letcher County Parks and Recreation, and Elkhorn Drug

Special thanks:
MCHC, City of Whitesburg, and Kentucky State Police.

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