The trip to Super Truck Nationals was really long, but worth it. I drove up with the crew from DIB all the way from southern Louisiana, which was a 14-hour drive. After the long drive getting to such a nice show venue and hotel was really comforting. The location is spectacular with a river within walking distance. The hotel itself has a restaurant inside and a store in the parking lot which sells refreshing drinks all day long. Saturday night was the NC party and that was also a great time with a ton of NC guys from all over the country.

The Show Lowdown
Showcase Super Truck Nationals
Location:Executive Inn Rivermont, Owensboro, Kentucky.
Dates: June 29- July 1
Total vehicles in attendance: 277

Fast 411:
* The second year of the show* Show was hosted by Showcase Custom Auto* More than $10,000 in giveaways* Negative Camber's 15-year anniversary was hosted here

Air Ride Technologies, BDS, Bullock's Interior, Bushwacker, Carriage Works, Champion Ford, Devious Custom Wheels, Fabtech, Gennie Shifter, General Tire Co., MagnaFlow, Mickey Thompson Tires, Roll-N-Lock, Roberts GMC, Sir Michaels, Showcase Custom Auto, Superlift, and Truck Xpressions

Contact for future events:
Showcase Custom Auto at (800) 376-4175, or send an e-mail to, or visit the website

Message from promoter:
Next year's show is June 27-29 and will be presented by General Tire Co. It will be held at the Executive Inn Rivermont, once again. We promise more giveaways than this year, including cash prizes.